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Please note, all comments on this site are my own personal rants and ramblings based purely on my own experience on the companies and products featured.

Welcome to my personal homepage! Please feel free to have a look around, and let me know what you think using the feedback form link on the right. At the moment, however, I just don’t appear to get the time to keep this site up to date…

I just seem to be too busy dealing with the people who haved pissed me off. This list includes:

Sony Centre (Milton Keynes branch)
Amtrak (Wellingborough)
Redrow Homes (Midlands)

O2 – spend up to 45mins waiting for them to answer, then listen to an inconsistent pack of lies. Retards who can’t even get their story straight.

all of which can be found under ‘Articles’

The Good Guys
I will try to add a list of good companies, but alas this list is very short. This list is for companies that give surprisingly good customer care (ie meet their legal obligations!). This list currently consists of:


oh dear, thats all for now 🙁