Installing VMware Enhanced Client Integration Plugin in Windows 10

Browse to your vcenter, and select Flash option. At login page, download the client using link at bottom, and save to disk.

Run this file from an Administrative user.

For IE:

Add the base vcenter FQDN (or IP, if using just that) to Local Intranet zone.

Download the Trusted certs from link in bottom right of https://<vcenter fqdn>/


Import the 2 certs (MMC > Add Snapin > Certificates > Local Computer, right click trusted roots, select import, and point at one of the extracted certs. Repeat import for other)

Run IE as Administrator (ie, use the “Run As Administrator” option, not just run as a user with Admin rights), and browse to vcenter FQDN, select Flash link, then on the popup, uncheck the box to ask every time, and select Allow.

All should work now

(If you use web proxies, ensure that https://vmware-plugin:8094 is in the proxy bypass list)


For Firefox

Browse to https://vmware-plugin:8094 (this is added to hosts file during client install) and accept the Exception for duff cert.

Browse to vcenter, and accept any Exceptions for duff certs.

All show work now


For Chrome

You’re a moron. Use a browser with some element of security.

Although its trivial to get the client to work, the fact is you should NEVER use Chrome on Windows, until Google go back to the drawing board and rewrite from scratch thinking about security from the start.